You have heard it often, every project is different. My branding clients can spend two to four months with me, where my calligraphy clients, plan months ahead to ensure my availability. 

Every project is different, with different requirements, components, time frames and expectations. In order to secure my service and ensure your project is aligned to stay on track, book a call with me.

What does your process actually look like?


With every service package, it allows for a variety of revisions. When clients know what they want the process goes much faster but if a client is still in an exploration phase, time may be required and an unlimited amount of revisions will be required before we land on the one. A number of revisions will be accommodated but should there be additional revisions required a fee will be incurred. You will be informed upfront about this. 


How many revisions do we get within the project scrope?

Many of my past clients have spent about four months working on a full brand suite from start to end. This is begins with researching, moodboard, a proposed design or layout, finding the right particular font, purchasing the rights to the font, exploring colour palettes, designing again and eventually coming up with a design that is most suitable to your brand, aesthetic, vibe and overall output.


What is a realistic timeline for a new brand with you?

Come on now, we can't have the prices we do without offering you, our lovely clients, a helping hand. Excluding our calligraphy, we have several options, from 50:50 payments to monthly instalments. It's all about what's right for you. We can discuss this in detail over a call or coffee.


What does the payment schedule look like?

We understand how overwhelming it can be to narrow down exactly what your business needs to help you reach your goals. So jump on a free discovery call, and we'll have a casual, no-pressure chat about what we think would be best for your brand. We'll even provide you with a customized proposal outlining your options at different prices.

Calligraphy events can be daunting at first, especially when you have never had a live event experience but not to worry, I have everything you will require to have a successful event.


I don't know what services I require, what do I do?

Absolutely! We're proud to say that we work with businesses worldwide, from South Africa to America. We have a super simple international payment process and will always cater our calls to time zone differences.

I would love to travel to host your LIVE event, even collaborate on your upcoming launch, workshop, and or special occasion.


How can we work internationally?

  • Flexibility: Timelines can vary based on unexpected challenges or opportunities.
  • Budget: Budget constraints can impact the speed of brand development.
  • Industry-Specific Factors: Regulatory approvals, complex manufacturing, or specialized technology can impact timelines.
Overall, a realistic timeline for launching a new brand ranges from 6 to 12 months, but it can be shorter or longer depending on specific circumstances. It's crucial to remain adaptable and responsive to feedback throughout the process.

What is a realistic timeline for a new brand?

Brand identity is at the heart of our services, so generally, we only tend to work with businesses looking for a fresh, rebrand and new brand. However, we will occasionally make exceptions if your branding has been professionally created by another design studio that is happy for you to outsource additional work.


I already have a Logo but interested in another service, what do I do?