laundry run - arizona

The LaundryRun was founded to help people have access to necessities like washing their clothes and to supporting below average communities.


LaundryRun's main service is a modern, spotless facility that offers a necessary, budget-friendly, fundamental service to the community.
LaundryRun offers lower per-pound rates than other laundromats for doing laundry. The high extraction speed of machines makes up for any additional cost in wash cycles compared to traditional top-loading washers. Less water is used and the clothing is spotless.
Doing laundry at Laundry Run is cheaper per pound at our laundromats. Wash cycles may cost a little more than old-school top-loading washers, but the high extraction speed of machines makes up for it. Clothing comes out squeaky-clean* and contains less water. This saves you money (and tons of time) on your dry cycle - only 3-4 quarters.