Lifting the Wedding Trends of 2023


Gone are the days when modern brides were satisfied with just one stunning wedding dress. In 2023, many will also consider how to transform their wedding throughout the day as the celebration transitions day to night. The trend is to mix and match accessories during the ceremony by removing or layering them to create a more festive look. This approach allows for an effortless transition from a daytime wedding to an evening party.

Specific varieties work well in this design concept and make for beautiful pictures for years to come. That’s what will help to make it look timeless and seamless.

Calligraphy is a trend under the radar but it will make a statement. How?

From wedding invitations to place cards, menus, and signage, hand-lettered calligraphy will add a personalized touch to any wedding event. Calligraphy adds an elegant, timeless feel to wedding stationery, and it can be customized to match any theme or colour scheme.

I am so excited about the design. How about your name in calligraphy stitched into your veil? We have seen many celebrities like Chiara Fergani, inspired by Maria Grazia Chiuri at Dior, and Paulina Goto wearing a custom Cesar Luna and the infamous Hailey Bieber veil that was the talk of the town, isn’t it “Til death do us part”?

I am exited to work with many couples on this.

Bottle painting is a unique and creative gift idea for weddings in 2023. Personalized, hand-painted bottles can make for beautiful decorative pieces that are both sentimental and functional. There are several ways to paint bottles, depending on the desired effect and the type of paint used.

One popular technique involves painting the outside of the bottle with acrylic paint and then using a sealant to protect the design. Another option is to paint the inside of the bottle, creating a beautiful stained-glass effect that can be illuminated with a candle or light. You can also use a combination of painting techniques to create unique and eye-catching designs.

Bottle painting is a versatile gift idea that can be customized to match the couple’s wedding theme or decor. For example, you could paint the couple’s initials, wedding dates, or a favourite quote onto the bottle. You could also incorporate elements such as flowers, foliage, or abstract designs to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

When gifting a hand-painted bottle, consider presenting it in a beautiful gift box or basket with other complementary items, such as candles, flowers, or wine glasses. This will add to the overall presentation and make the gift even more special.

In addition to traditional paper items, calligraphy will also be incorporated into other aspects of wedding decor, such as personalized seating charts, welcome signs, and even on wedding cakes. The versatility of calligraphy makes it a great way to add a unique and stylish element to any wedding celebration.

The options here are endless. Personalized wedding gifts are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a unique way to celebrate the couple and create a lasting memory of their special day. Here are some personalized wedding gift trends to consider in 2023:

  1. Customized photo albums or frames – Couples can treasure their wedding memories with personalized photo albums or frames featuring their names, wedding date, or a special message.

  2. Personalized jewelry – Engraved necklaces, bracelets, or rings, It could be a rectangular pendant necklace made for making memories—with the option to customize with inscriptions, unique symbols, and more.

  3. Monogrammed home decor – Personalized items for the home, such as monogrammed throw pillows or blankets, are a great way to celebrate the newlyweds’ union.

  4. Customized wine or champagne glasses – Personalized glasses are a great gift.

  5. Personalized cutting boards.

  6. Customized artwork – A personalized piece of artwork, such as a map of the couple’s favourite city or a custom illustration of their wedding venue, is a unique and thoughtful gift.

  7. Personalized travel gear – Personalized luggage tags, passport covers, or travel journals make a great gift for couples who love to travel.

Whatever personalized wedding gift you choose, make sure it reflects the couple’s unique style and personality. This is all about how detailed you want to get.

Lifting the Wedding Trends of 2023

As a calligrapher, we are already anticipating the increased demand for our services, so couples who want to incorporate calligraphy into their wedding decor should start planning early to secure the services with us today.

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