The difference between Hand Engraving versus Laser Engraving


Hand engraving is an old-fashioned but beautiful method of personalizing gifts. It’s a technique that requires humans and machines to work together to create something truly unique. Hand engraving has been around since the beginning of time, when people would mark their possessions with symbols and marks. However, in recent years, hand engraving has fallen out of fashion as modern technology has made it possible to replicate this process more quickly (and cheaply) than ever before. Still, there’s nothing quite like having a finely-crafted piece engraved by hand by someone who knows how to do it OK—mainly because they care about what they’re doing!

Custom Hand Engraving by Vanisha

Many people have never even heard of it, and those who have are often confused by the term “hand engraving.” They may think it means writing with your hand, which is called handwriting. Hand engraving is much more complicated than that! It’s an art form involving the role of many tools and techniques, including:

  • burins (a sharpened piece of metal)

  • gravers (another sharpened piece of metal)

  • drills (something like an electric toothbrush but with different attachments)

Hand engraving gives you a level of detail that cannot be matched

Hand engraving has a sharper, more defined edge than laser engraving. This is because it takes more time to complete—the process is done by hand, so each letter must be carefully incised into the surface. Hand engraving cannot be learned in a day; it requires years of practice and patience.

Hand engraving is tactile.

Hand engraving is tactile. It is a process that involves tools and hands, designed to create something with a personal touch. Hand engraving can be done with various devices. The type of tool you use can affect how much pressure you apply during the process—and whether or not you’re pressing too hard will depend on what kind of surface you’re working on and how deep your hand engraving needs to go into it.

Hand engraving is also very personal; while some pieces are suited for laser cutting or stamping, most require manual labour from an experienced artisan who knows how best to approach each job. Hand-engraved items also tend to be more expensive because they take more time—and since there aren’t many people out there who know how to do this kind of work anymore (especially if it involves carving into stone), it doesn’t come cheap!

The value of hand engraving is hard to beat.

Engraving with a laser allows for pinpoint accuracy, and it may be used to etch anything from text to photographs. It’s the cutting edge of engraving techniques, wherein a laser beam of varying thickness is employed to create various widths of engraving.

Because the type is made digitally, you have several font options to work with.

Although laser engraving has been around for quite some time. In the engraving process, a laser is used to “burn” your inscription into the surface, and it may be used on any material. The versatility of laser engraving allows you to pick from a wide variety of fonts, which is a definite plus.

So now that you know a little about engravings, you are probably wondering which is more popular. The choice of which to employ is, in fact, entirely up to you. They’re both equally efficient. The engraved message will have deep significance and be remembered for a long time regardless of your chosen engraving method.

When you purchase an eengraved product rom us, we’ll work with you to create your custom design for free! Just send us an email at or fill out our form.

Hand engraving is a unique way to personalize your gifts, giving you a level of detail that cannot be matched by any other method. The process feels tactile and unique; when you hold an item engraved by hand, you can feel the difference in quality. This can increase the perceived value of your gift and give it sentimental value for years to come.

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift to give or something that will be treasured forever, hand engraving is the perfect solution. It adds a level of personalization that you can’t get with any other method, and it gives people an opportunity to do something special for their loved ones. If you want to learn more about the process, contact us today! We are happy to answer your questions and show off some samples from our past work so that you can get an idea of what we do here at Engraved Gifts.

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