Biofeedback with Spela Perc at Panaceavita


Let me start by explaining what Biofeedback is:

Mayo Clinic explains it, Biofeedback is a type of mind-body technique you use to control some of your body’s functions, such as your heart rate, breathing patterns and muscle responses. During biofeedback, you’re connected to electrical pads that help you get information about your body.

You may not realize it, but your body changes when you have pain or are under stress. Your heart rate may increase, you may breathe faster, and your muscles tighten. Biofeedback helps you make slight changes in your body, such as relaxing muscles, to help relieve pain or reduce tension. You may be able to decrease your heart rate and breathing, which can make you feel better. Biofeedback can give you the skills to practice new ways to control your body. This can improve a health problem or help make daily activities easier.”

What does “energetic” mean when it comes to bio-energetic testing?

The word “energetic” has nothing to do with energy in the way a scientist would think of it. Instead, the term is used in a broad way to describe parts of how humans work that are not just physical (like joints, muscles, and movement) or biochemical (like nutrients, proteins, hormones, and oxidation). Informational cues control the way the human body works. Some of these, like the directions for making proteins that are written in DNA, are known to science today. We are just starting to learn about epigenetic factors, which are things like how our experiences in life change how our genes work. There are probably a lot of other ways that animals talk to each other that science hasn’t figured out yet. Biology is a very new field of study.

Modern science doesn’t actually argue that there aren’t other ways to control things besides genes, but the implications of this haven’t made it into medicine yet. This is because people don’t like change and don’t know how to use the new information in systematic treatment plans. When we get information from a bioenergetic testing device, it tells us about the person’s physical, chemical, social, and mental state. In fact, one of the skills of a person who does bioenergetic testing is being able to look at the information that comes from the system and decide how to offer a health and wellness programme that is right for each person.

Panceavita holds your hand during journey of Biofeedback

At Panceavita, they hold your hand every step of your wellness journey

Spela Perc at Panceavita will make notes and send you a protocol

Spela Perc at Panceavita will make notes and sends you a protocol to follow

Biofeedback and the idea that the mind and body are connected have been known and used for a very long time.

Techniques like yoga and pranayama (breathing routines) that are still used today are proof of this. In the 19th and 20th centuries, scientists like Claude Bernard, who came up with the idea of homeostasis in 1865, and J. R. Tarchanoff, who showed that the heart rate can be controlled voluntarily in 1885, as well as Alexander Graham Bell, Norbert Wiener, Burrhus Frederic Skinner, Donald Shearn, George Mandler, and Maia Lisina, did important research to back up these ideas.

In October 1969, Barbara Brown became the first president of the Biofeedback Research Society, which is now called the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. Neal Miller, Leo Di Cara, and Elmer Green are just a few of the people who made important contributions to the growth of this method of therapy. Today, biofeedback therapy is firmly based on study that has been done in the past.

Panceavita aims to empower natural health through education, research and technology. To raise an empowered community where people can tap into their inner resources and create the change they want to see within themselves.

With the use of latest high-tech medical biofeedback device to obtain excellent results and to best ensure your healing.

The test takes about three to five minutes and sends over 10,000 frequencies into the patient’s body and energy field to assess imbalances.

Excess stress is known to cause disease and imbalance through sources like toxicity, pathogens, trauma, mental factors, and allergies, and the test taps into the subconscious to reveal such problems. In a matter of minutes, the painless, non-invasive technology of quantum biofeedback allows me to see the body’s reactions to everyday stressors and will begin to piece together a picture of the underlying issues.

After the test, I receive the results and use them to choose a program from over 200 programs to realign the connection. The process is interactive; the patient is given both verbal and energetic feedback during the session, to unveil underlying imbalances. The patient learns about the type of stressors causing the current symptoms and is given biofeedback and lifestyle suggestions to reduce them.


Launching of Panaciavita Integrative Health

Spela Perc Panceavita Integrative Health

Spela Perc, Panaceavita Integrative Health

During my session

I always love my sessions with Spela, as there is so much to discover, and I find new ways through her protocols and recommendations to healing.

This is some of the feedback I received, please note this is not a recommendation so confirm with your health provider. .

  • microbiome diet ( ); excellent listening when you have some time

  • change drinking habits (add electrolytes; salt, and coconut water)

  • -race minerals

  • B complex

  • Bach flower Holly

  • -lax seeds one spoon 2x per day

  • Many issues with the bones and arthritis (don’t worry, it was in low frequencies). I did some research, and in the case of developed arthritis, an essential supplement to add is a B complex. And since you are depleted in it, I believe this is the case. That you might develop something in the future if such disbalance stays for a more extended time. 

  • Create a schedule with active rests between your work, a lot of active and mindful breathing and time without electronics and the phone.

Biofeedback is a mind-body method that lets you control your heart rate, breathing patterns, and muscle responses, among other things. (according to the Mayo Clinic)

You might not realize it, but your body changes in pain or under stress. Your heart rate may go up, your breathing may speed up, and your muscles may get tighter. Biofeedback shows you how to make small changes in your body, like relaxing your muscles, to help ease pain or stress. You might be able to slow down your heart rate and breathing, which can help you feel better. Biofeedback can teach you to control your body in new ways and allow you to try them out. This can help a health problem improve or make it easier to do everyday things.

with love,
Vanisha Singh