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Using calligraphy in logo design is a captivating statement that some businesses are scared to embrace but not BourikasHome

We implemented this change from

We live in a world where generic logos are no longer visible. If you are not Coca Cola, Apple or Amazon no one is going to remember your logo let alone what it looks like. Design is about creating a memory or an emotional impact.

Your logo should represent what you do. It should be displayed as a cohesive identity with a strong statement regarding your company’s message. And while a logo may seem quite simple to create I found myself with many iterations to get this perfectly suited for Jennifer and her style.

Jennifer was not sure how she wanted to include her Bourikas Home Brand but at the same time, she is the face of the brand. Incorporating her initials which she gave precedence over was no easy task. I took to my calligraphy experience and wrote out her name in many ways. Finally, we settled on what was close to her own signature.

Shouting from the rooftops, I included the peak to clearly outline and define her business. The peak serves as a comfort mechanism, knowing you will be taken care of from the start and with her knowledge, and experience it’s all encapsulated in the name.

So lookout for this new logo as it makes waves in your neighborhood. Should you be looking for a home (renting or buying) I highly recommend Jennifer from Bourikas Home

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New Logo Bourikas Home

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Vanisha Singh

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