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Nothing more than a sentimental, proud-friend moment here. Those who have met Christine Murray would tell you she is one mama with force. A mama to two little boys, an esteemed photographer who also captures the most amazing mini-shoots for every season. Christine and I go back to being best friends in Elementary School, a.k.a Primary School. I guess no country or continent can keep us apart.

Sharing these cute pictures (please don’t hate me, Chris), which I have not looked at in a long time.

Then – 2000

Vanisha & Christine of Clover Co.

Now – 2022

Christine had this idea brewing before covid, and now it is finally HAPPENING.

Clover Co. Oakville has been birthed. Christine said, “ it is a solution for female founders tired of working from home and feeling chaotic in the juggle. Clover Co. is where these women will “luck out” on finding a fluid, intimate and inspiring space. Memberships passes and event space to find the breathing room to root down and build. Big focus on community building and that clover is “rooted” together and spreads out.

Christine further defines it “Clover is drought-resistant and inexpensive, attracts pollinating insects and can grow in poor soil accessible to all.”

One that bills itself as a “co-working space, content creator space, photography studio, a place for collaboration, workshops, events and much much more!

So, let me introduce you to Clover Co Oakville


Clover Co. Oakville

A lucky find for people looking for space to chase down dreams, find community and build beautiful businesses.


With this logo suite, we used customized typography to provide more of an elegant and delicate feel, along with clover features which pay tribute to the brand name and its feminine nature.⁠ Looking inward at the values, personality, goals and messaging she wanted to communicate is key to knowing what kind of industry she now operates in.

Also, not to mention, thinking about where the logo is going to be used the most – a social profile pic? on the packaging? On a website? Thinking about which format is going to work the best.⁠ Overall, it’s all about being thoughtful in our choices. A super minimal, warm brand focused around collaboration to community support from a busy, text-heavy to a simplistic, elegant and casual feel.

We’re obviously biased, but if you find yourself in Oakville, there’s no better place to work, build content, make new friends and host your event, get inspired, and guarantee that you will find some luck.

Let us know what you think of this design and logo suite.

with love,
Vanisha Singh

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