Custom Designed Holographic Stickers

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If you have ever received a package from me, there is a lot of thought that goes into packaging and what you receive. It goes without saying that each year, sustainability becomes increasingly non-negotiable. Especially in a Gen-Z market where people may *literally* boycott your brand if you are using unethical practices. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, people fall in love with stories and see brands as an extension of themselves.

If your packaging is sustainable, it only gives your audience one more reason to become a loyal customer (and the saving the planet thing too, of course). There is nothing than saying it best in your packaging.

Incorporating bio-degradable paper is important and stickers can be sustainable. With a growing trend towards sustainability and combating climate change, it is essential that stickers play their part. Brands like mine need to portray their identity using stickers, so we’re here to make sure this doesn’t impact the environment.

What can biodegradable stickers be used for?

Here are some ideas but it’s certainly not extensive:

  • Sustainable food packaging

  • Laptop stickers

  • Drinks bottle labelling, including wine bottles

  • General logo and branding stickers

  • Jars & other food products

  • Shipping box branding

Did you know Hologram stickers cannot be scanned or photocopied and are a proven method to combat counterfeiting?

Do you want to up-level your security?

Custom imprinted holograms offer more security. With a variety of cut options, you can order any amount.

I collaborated with StickerCanada to produce my latest hologram stickers. Their three-dimensional holographic stickers make the products stand out with a striking three-dimensional effect. An eye-catching material with beautiful, bold & electric tones that adds style for labelling high-quality goods. Find stickers cheaper elsewhere, StickerCanada will beat the price by 5%. Their custom-printed stickers are made of high-quality materials at the cheapest price. You can find any shape, size, colour, and finish to satisfy your marketing and creative expression. With the support of our skilled designers, we can print custom stickers precisely according to your designs and specifications.

Go check them out here:

Big thank you to StickerCanada for sponsoring this post!

with love,
Vanisha Singh