How I am bettering my business by bettering myself!

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Well, there goes our routine. I mean who has kept to that alarm clock, certainly not me and my family. We have been enjoying a few more minutes of sleep. I have certainly tried to keep some routine. Every morning, Duke and I head out the door for a quick run and a small workout around the park. Its been relatively quiet just me and my music and workout bands. Now is the time I wish a had a gym room but my wonderful friend Tania Atkin has kept me motivated. She created a custom workout plan for gym-goers like myself. Go and check her IG – @psychsporttan and connect with her.

No doubt, virtual reality is in full swing with every virtual room service coining in on those catch-up coffee sessions, check-ins, and teaching classes (MakeLemonade, Mom2MomBiz. I have joined a few this past week and it was fun introducing myself to others, but to be honest it feels very claustrophobic.

I’m the kind of woman, who thrives on interaction and face to face discussion. I’m a hugger, so when I greet it’s obvious how I gravitate to give a hug (if you see me the next time (after COVID-19 has left the building) give me a hug please). That feeling of wrapped arms and that warm embrace. You feel me… Virtual reality does not provide that.

In saying that, I have been improving on my business not just for me but for clients who rely on me to provide them with absolutely stunning and relevant social media, websites and modern calligraphy signage.

How are you improving on yourself or your side hustle or business, comment below:

bettering my business

with love,
Vanisha Singh

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