How to navigate social media as a small business owner


Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, more and more businesses were forced to pivot their business or brand. I did! At the start of the pandemic, I saw 80% of my business coming crashing down as most of my clients decided to either cancel their events or postpone to a later date.

I remember March 15th like yesterday (it was, right? March 2020 *just* happened?!). Yes, we have been home for that long. The moment this happened, my anxiety shot through the roof, I was extremely worried about where my next income was going to come from. I decided it was time to pivot my business as I was working on something in the background.

I turned to social media, I began shifting my learnings and making them available to many small businesses. I began to help a realtor reach her clients via social media, as she had to navigate that virtual space, the baker down the road reached out to me as her place of business was now closed but she needed an income so we shifted her business and I signed her up for Skip the Dishes, Uber Eats and Doordash.

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Social media is a crazy industry that can easily make or break your business or never launch the full potential of your business. Where do you begin? You have secured your handles on all social media platforms and have begun posting.

But wait, no one knows you!


This process will help you get started:

  1. Decide which platforms are right for you – know where your audience is hanging out

  2. Know your audience – who is your ideal client

  3. Expand your audience – who could benefit from your service or product

  4. Build relationships – community, community community

  5. Pay attention to trends

  6. Is your website optimized for shopping online

  7. Focus on quality over quantity – there is no need to post daily

  8. Use the right tools – some great photography is key

  9. Post and engage – stay on for at least 20 mins after posting

  10. Keep an eye out on your insights/performance to see where you are falling short

Start small as a small business you will find your rhythm if not we can help.

with love,
Vanisha Singh

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