I Am Virtually There Event Package


Watch this latest video captured by @curio.studios You can feel their hearts are happy and lives are full. Nothing and no one can take this moment away and so let us give you the ultimate package

INTRODUCING: “I Am Virtually There” Event Packages
Completely safe, abiding by all the guidelines.

There custom boxes sent out to friends, family, neighbours and especially grandmas and grandpas for this virtual gender reveal

This Gender Reveal grandma received some sweets that included macaroons and sugar cookies from @sweetandshycakes , samosas, sandwiches, scones and jam from @dearchai2021 , and games and a special party favours made by @findmelettering

All boxes are customized to you but will always include aspects from your event – the whole idea is for your guests to feel as though they are at the event with you, enjoying the same things you are enjoying, without actually being there

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Planning & Design: @velvetbordeauxevents
Photographer: @brianlyphotographs
Videography: @curio.studios
Cake & Sweets: @sweetandshycakes
High Tea in a Box: @dearchai2021
Cart Rental: @confettieventrentals.ca
Balloons: @shoptstc
Hair & Makeup: @adrianastortocom


with love,
Vanisha Singh

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