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Being a qualified Marketer, this was one thing marketing taught me to do and that was to be curious. Curious about the world we live in, the packaging, the design, the concept and the impact it has on the end-user. But, Marketing did not teach me that I needed to give my audience exactly what they want.

What is Curiosity Marketing?

Not giving your audience exactly what they want all the time. Sparking someone’s curiosity so that they are more engaged and interested.


Bring your audience along during parts of your day-to-day life and leave them hanging to some degree so they want to keep coming back for more. (Just like your favourite tv show – you HAD to know if Ross and Rachel would get back together for the 15th time, right?!)

Don’t put out links or details right away. This forces people to reach out and have a conversation in order to find out the details.

What’s the benefit of using Curiosity Marketing?

  1. You don’t have to sell yourself as much to potential clients because they already know who you are and that they want to work with you.

  2. When you show BTS of you doing your job this lays the groundwork for positioning you as an expert in your field.

This is what we focus on INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | and others


People have a hard time picking up their phones and putting their face in front of the camera, but, psychology shows that facial recognition is such a powerful force that drives people’s decision to do business with you. Idea: Don’t just repost something. Get your face in front of the camera and talk about it first to give your audience context.

2. 80/20 RULE.

80% worthy information and 20% funny or inspiration


Educate, empower, and entertain your audience. We are HUGE on this.


Use “we” or group language so people feel like they belong. We took a course with Jenny Jay on how to share inclusive content


Create a storyline of something that’s happening in your life and weave it over a series of days or weeks. People will keep coming back because they’re invested in that story and how it will turn out.


We don’t allow for fluff here


We have heard this term oh so often “you have to be consistent, you have to post regularly or daily or show up daily”! Who said? They did they need to fired!

YOU HAVE A CHOICE TO CHOOSE WHAT CONSISTENT MEANS TO YOU. For us, it is a healthy relationship with social media and that does mean, not posting every day or showing our faces daily. But having a space where we feel safe, authentic and inspired.

with love,
Vanisha Singh

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