Is it too soon to RSVP?


Kevin & Mile inspired me to write this post as they could not decide when to send their Save the Dates accompanied with or without their wedding invitation. Meeting them at the weekend, we kept going back and forth on dates and schedules.

Now let’s reel this back in a little. Kevin & Mile have been engaged for 2 years (long overdue). They have yet to announce their date to family or friends. Over the last 2 years, life has happened and neither one of them thought preparing for their big day would be anything but stressful. They expressed how worried they were as many people around them plan their year in advance.

Now let’s just understand something, close friends and family will make every endeavor to be there but sending those save the dates too late, will cause your closest friend to decline as she has already booked that trip to Paris. There goes a bridesmaid…

So, when I say send your invitations out ASAP, I mean ASAP, life happens.

Start with Save the Dates, they are the easiest and convenient stationery that can easily be placed on the fridge, journaled in or added to your phone calendar.

You can opt from a wide selection of cards or simply send them an email.

As soon as they land in the hands of your invited guests, there is a 55% (WeddingWire) chance they have already confirmed their intention to attend. Shorter engagements, that percentage drops significantly (you could lose at least 10 guests).

Kevin and Mile requested a simple card with Save the Date calligraphed by yours truly Find Me Lettering. I happily said yes. I hand calligraphed each envelope and card with dipped ink and my Brause Nib (which I love).

So don’t waste time gathering those inspirational pictures for your invitation as you can spend a few months or lifetime pining the ideal one.

Get those Save the Dates out today…



Find-Me-Lettering-save the date.jpg

with love,
Vanisha Singh

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