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Catchy phrases, coordinated hashtags, seating charts, gift favors are just some of the few décor pieces we are seeing everywhere not just at weddings but at corporate events and launches. At Find Me Lettering, it’s our specialty is to provide our clients with custom signage to suit the theme of their event or just snazz up their launches. This trend is 2020 strong.

So what does Find Me Lettering envision 2020 signage trends:

  1. Translucent Details – as I said in my last blog, this is not going anywhere any time soon. Acrylic boxes will create seating charts, add decorative pieces like flowers and fruit and will continue to accept guests’ gifts in the form of envelopes. Translucent pieces will be ordered for centerpieces, invitations, signage, place cards and those wedding chairs.

  2. Wicker wicked – I’m talking about rattan accents. From baskets to chairs to oh Boho Chic inspired peacock high-back chairs, floral accents and just wicker furniture. These will also be placed up(think ceiling installed wicker lanterns or rustic wood hanging branches) – so accessorize from the top down.

  3. Glass signage – this is one of my favorite décor items that every wedding or event should have. Large glass jars, vases, and centerpieces that are custom calligraphed by yours’ truly (FML). This no doubt will be on high request for all types of events. Company launches will look at providing clean-cut décor through the glass and simple floral arrangements. Boutique owners will be inspired to create smaller scaled items to fit in with their aesthetic whilst allowing calligraphy to make its presence through different words and layouts. Did you see my terracotta broken name cards? Check my Instagram for more details.

  4. Wallpaper – love quotes, messages, women empowered words, business success slogans, vows – all handwritten on a large piece of linen roll. Strong patterns with bold colors will create backdrops that are cushioned by green floral pieces and pops of color whilst keeping it very neutral. While this is very versatile, Find Me Lettering, we can create a dedicated backdrop encompassing your own words hung from a copper frame (rental options available).

  5. Colour – oh that Pantone color how dare you be so strong? 2020 couples will eye gauge at bold color and details. This will set the tone for accent pieces to be complimenting but over the top. Invitations suites will provide detail in the terms of foil and gold envelope addressing (Find Me Lettering provides envelope addressing). Warmer color palettes are replacing those pastel shades. Pampas grass, rattan, and metallics. Warmer tones will be captured in photography all inspired by that Bohemian vibe. Large mirrors with traditional-aged frames will inspire your retro “70’s vibe”.

  6. Display signage – creating a focal point in any oversized venue can be difficult but this can be easily changed by providing you with unique table numbers, seating charts (mirror too), dessert bar signage, custom drinks bar and agate slices for all your guests. How do you remember a family member or friend who should have been there in attendance but unfortunately couldn’t – through our keepsake memory frames. Ask me about these??

  7. Abstract backdrops – a variety of large and small balloons accented with floral arrangements will serve as backdrops, seating chart emphasis, and dessert tables. Personalizing each of these areas in your wedding venue adds a little touch of flair. 

So give me your catchiest phrases and let the art come alive!!



find me lettering custom calligraphy

with love,
Vanisha Singh

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