March makes waves for women’s day


This month, I want to turn my focus on to the small businesses I am currently serving and my community. Over the last few weeks, I have experienced calls and emails requesting help, guidance and just simply understanding what is going on in the social media world?

Well you and me both sit here, trying to keep up with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Clubhouse and the latest Voice. (Voice deserves its own blog so stay tuned cause that’s a whole enchilada on it’s own)

I am going to step slightly back and relook at this from a different perspective! The perspective of an upcoming entrepreneur or a one year old business! We all have a vision of our brand and what it should encapsulate but turning that vision into the right strategy can be tricky.

Remember we need to be willing to observe our resistance to reality and our attachment to self image and our fears.

Where do you start, what tools do you need? What is my brand and voice? Is there a tone I need? Do I need to pay for advertising? What’s the difference between engagements and followers (the truth about buying followers)? Which social media platform is right for me? How do I know which one will work best? You get my gist…

So let’s begin at the very bottom of this jar…

identifying your target market.gif

Knowing who your target audience will help you deliver the results you are looking for. Not everyone is your target audience. We must begin with empathy. Empathy is the ability to identify with or understand another’s situation or feelings. Do not approach it with sales in mind, you need to approach your target market with the ability to help them solve their problems.

Starting is now easy especially in a world where it seems like there is “less” to do, I still feel like I’ve got my focus pulled in WAY too many directions every single week. The possibilities, the responsibilities, the urgent and not-so-urgent! New ideas are always popping up. Things can always be upgraded, re-strategized, and overhauled! 

Follow me this month as I help you figure out areas of your business!



with love,
Vanisha Singh

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