Micro goals are easier cause resolutions are so 2021


Happy New Year, I wish everyone a healthy, less restrictive and new normal lifestyle. After hearing the news that schools have reverted back to online, I decided it was time I get back on work mode and take on 2022 with some new micro-goals.

It’s the perfect time to put a fitness plan into place or side hustle if you have chosen this year to be it but for me, the New Year is about working towards micro-goals, here are my top goals! My focus is micro goals so grab your planner as putting pen to paper is so powerful!

  1. Being more consistent with my workouts, creating a self-care routine avoids burnout in the long term. (when gyms open, but I am speaking with my doctor about the importance of having fitness in my life, which may need me to switch gyms).

  2. As long as it has been scheduled in my diary it is a priority. Blocking that time takes away any distraction. Focusing on revenue generating tasks.

  3. Setting my boundaries and sticking to them. Do you have your’s written out?

The new things I introduced:

  1. Outsourced a few areas that need real expertise like a Lawyer

  2. We’ve altered our schedule (in the email signature, so you know it’s real) to represent our time to respond.

  3. Creating days that are focused to be online and offline.

  4. My inbox can get out of control and therefore focusing on generating tasks is important.

At Find Me Social & Lettering where social media distracts, engagement is key and being authentic has replaced a polished feed as the status is to provide thought-provoking ideas and solutions is the symbol of choice.
— The Team at FMSL

This is how our days are going to be filled:

OFFLINE DAYS will be reserved for…
+ In-person meetings
+ Strategy ideation and brainstorming
+ Field research
+ Learning with books and podcasts
+ Relationship building in the community
+ Photography
+ Content planning and writing
+ Design concepts on paper

ONLINE DAYS include things like…
+ Zoom meetings
+ Discovery calls
+ Emails, feedback, review
+ Project deliveries
+ Online research
+ Design presentations
+ Document formatting
+ Photo editing
+ Billing, banking, bookkeeping

What is the plan for social media this year?

Well, it is a mind field out there. Does the Meta, Metaverse scare you? You like many others are wondering what the impact will be on your business, how will you keep up with the ever-changing algorithms.

We do plan to wrap our minds around this year and provide a solution to our clients, how to approach it.

What’s the Metaverse? – The Simple version – The metaverse is a currently hypothetical version of the internet that supports online 3-D virtual environments. This is done through personal computing (a current example is an online game Second Life), virtual reality headsets, and augmented reality headsets.

Are NFT’s linked to Metaverse, you bet!

As the metaverse grows, so too will branding and advertising opportunities. Including virtual message boards, billboards, merchandise, and even the virtual clothing avatars wear. (watch this space).

NFTs will play a big role, too. With the ability to personalize avatars and spaces like “homes” and storefronts, you can create branded virtual content for your customers. This enables you to break into merchandising spaces you don’t currently work in, such as virtual apparel and digital art.

It may be timed to get on board!

Do I think digital marketing is going to be saturated?

Sadly it will because there is more competition. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t leverage digital marketing.

TikTok won 2020 growth and no doubt claimed 2021 too. With the introduction of Spotify Green Room, Clubhouse really turned up in early 2021, and I just know there’s something brewing for 2022.

Instagram has confirmed the main Instagram feed will soon be split into three different tabs: Home, Favorites, and a chronological Following feed. Read More

  • Home: much like the current Home feed, but likely with some more suggested content in the mix

  • Favourites: posts from a curated list of accounts, such as family or friends

  • Following: a chronological list of posts from all the accounts you follow

What Does This Mean for the Future of Instagram? 

Well, when you think about it – it creates more opportunities for Instagram to deliver suggested content through the main landing-page feed, while still having the following feed available. Now we get to follow our favourite social accounts that provide value to us and not the ones who are being paid to purchase something you may not need.

I am ready for this change to happen.

Now let’s talk wellness….

There is this organization known as isamizu that has opened my eyes to the world of taking care of my mind and body as we tend to listen to our mind and not our body. As an anxiety sufferer, there was a sentence that just penetrated through me “What happens with the body when your mind and emotions control your life?”. I needed to get involved and I have.

They have been able to provide me with a variety of tools and just attending their workshops has left me profoundly impacted. I suggest you visit their website as I will be certainly sharing more content from them.

with love,
Vanisha Singh