WedLuxe is back and re-imagined their approach


The last time we attended an event of this nature was back in January 2020 at the Carlu. (READ MY PREVIOUS BLOG POST).

WedLuxe is a wedding event where inspiration meets excellence and creativity is celebrated in style. This year’s WedLuxe Show was held at the character hotel which reflects the kind of service it provides. As a new urban resort from the Library Hotel Collection, Hotel X Toronto is an intimate vibe.

Taking the elevator to the third floor of the hotel is the Library Hotel Collection of meeting and event spaces. For this most anticipated event, we cued for registration and were welcomed with a Brochure to mark your visit but also guide you through the multiple meeting rooms, which were all decked out in a specific theme.

Each room strung together; industries most wanted professional wedding vendors to bring about their imagination into a life-size architectural instagrammable layout.

I truly believe the Pantone Colour of the Year inspired some of WedLuxe’s decor and fashion show. Viva Magenta, the 2023 Color of the Year, is a bold and joyful shade of red that believes in freedom, fearless expression and living life to the fullest.

⁠The runway was inspired by extraordinary gowns, and bespoke menswear looks from TOP local and international ateliers.
Brought to you by @lachicsoiree @detailzfurniturerentals @dfdeventsolutions @engineeredarts @cocobycoverscouture @radfordbeauty @hotelxtoronto

Featuring gowns and menswear from @hermionedepaula @sarehnouri @viktorandrolf @rmayeratelier @chic.bridals @mykingandbay @harryroseninc @gotstylemen @garrisonbespoke

Trends for 2023 coming out of WedLuxe

  1. Micro Weddings: Intimate and smaller celebrations with close family and friends.

  2. Outdoor Weddings: Nature-inspired settings with a focus on sustainability.

  3. Destination Weddings: Remote, exotic locations for a unique experience and celebrations with family and close friends.

  4. Tech-Savvy Weddings: Use of technology to enhance wedding planning and experiences like lightning and robotics.

  5. Personalized Ceremonies: Tailored rituals and traditions that reflect the couple’s beliefs and values.

  6. Food and Drinks: Focus on local and seasonal cuisine, craft cocktails and mocktails.

  7. Hybrid Weddings: Combining traditional elements with modern twists, such as virtual events.

  8. Minimalistic + Extravagant Decor: Simple and elegant designs using natural materials and neutral colours. Cue Brigerton’s looks and designs, especially Baby Blue Velvet drapery ( I am swooning over this)

  9. DIY Elements: Couples incorporate DIY projects into the wedding day for a personal touch – yes to all on-site calligraphy and personalization.

  10. Fun and Interactive Entertainment: Games, photo booth and unique activities to keep guests entertained.

My Partner

Time to rethink what a wedding truly is like for all of us. From low budget to affordable and just makes sense.

The biggest disappointment for me was the one section of the Gift Garden. I am not a supporter of Shein (here is why). They do more harm to us and our planet. I am hoping Wedluxe, in the future, chooses its sponsors carefully and supports more local brands.

The wedding industry has turned ceremonies into high-stakes public spectacles. Consider the Four Weddings reality show on TLC. The series premiered in 2009 and followed four women as they competed for a luxurious honeymoon by attending each other’s weddings and (harshly) rating them on factors such as venue, attire, and general vibes. Was it making a competition out of a celebration of a lifetime of friendship? The wedding has reached its dystopian pinnacle.

There is an implicit assumption that a wedding will be meticulously planned and expensively accessorised, from the pricy paper save-the-dates to the peony and pampas grass centrepieces. In heterosexual partnerships, women shoulder the lion’s share of the emotional load. We’re told our entire lives that our weddings are supposed to be a perfect reflection of who we are. However, what if reality diverges from our expectations? Alternatively, what if everything does go horribly wrong?

WOW, from the moment you enter the 2023 #WedLuxeShow and that’s exactly what the groups working on the Grand Entry, Barbiecore, Palm Cabana, Diamond Lounge and Bowtie Lounge did.

brought to you by @fleurweddingstoronto @infinitude_design @dfdeventsolutions @detailzfurniturerentals

The #BARBIECORE BAKERY, where @fooddudes will be serving up the ultimate #prettyinpink sugar high Brought to you by @caprice_decor @fooddudes @dianapiresevents @dfdeventsolutions @detailzfurniturerentals @engineeredarts @sheinofficial

The PALM CABANA to give you that mini vacay moment, where you’ll have to try some nitrogen popcorn! Brought to you by @dfdeventsolutions @fooddudes
@alyssaandcoevents @detailzfurniturerentals

And the BOWTIE ROOM, where you can indulge in an Old Fashioned courtesy of bespoke menswear aficionados @mykingandbay
Brought to you by @mykingandbay @detailzfurniturerentals @dfdeventsolutions

Draping @poshstylingsinc1

Show brought to you by @wedluxe @dfdeventsolutions @detailzfurniturerentals @fooddudes @travelbelize @hotelxtoronto

But let’s get REAL for a moment.

Yes, some weddings can indeed become focused on grand displays and lose the personal touch. However, many couples are opting for more personalized and intimate celebrations, prioritizing meaningful experiences and memories over grandiose displays.

Have you felt inflation lately?

Couples incorporate elements that reflect their personality, values, and interests, such as DIY projects, personalized rituals, and unique entertainment options. The trend towards micro-weddings and destination weddings also supports this shift towards more personalized celebrations.

Speaking with some vendors and attendees, weddings have become part of the “all for the gram’.” My personal feeling was this year, WedLuxe led with this instead of focusing on the term wedding…

What is a wedding? Weddings are ceremonious events to celebrate and commemorate the union of two people in marriage. They involve rituals, vows, the exchange of rings, and a reception with friends and family captured by photographers for memories and years to come.

I would have appreciated more vendors providing various wedding details, from the smallest items.


The predicament turns out to reflect a national disdain of traditional wedding rituals. The relaxed, casual ceremony is gaining popularity as a substitute for the traditional extravagant party. This is evidenced by the trend toward less formal clothes and more personal gathering spaces, such as backyard barbecues and gardens.

Where do you stand on these outrageous lavish events?

with love,
Vanisha Singh

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