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WhatsApp Business was released in 2018 and specially designed for small businesses to let people use two accounts on the same phone without having to use another standard WhatsApp account. WhatsApp Business is tailored for small businesses, but WhatsApp Business API is specifically made for larger companies. WhatsApp Business API powers the company’s communication with customers all over the world, allowing it to connect with its clients around the globe. Now in 2021, it has really taken off through Facebook prompts and requesting you to connect your page to WhatsApp Business.

So do you really need WhatsApp Business?

Including WhatsApp Business as part of your messaging strategy can be a game changer—a necessary tool to help you remain competitive. Here are five reasons to consider using WhatsApp Business in your customer communications.

1. Brand Connections

With WhatsApp, companies create ‘Business Profiles,’ a unique, fully-branded business identity. This allows you to provide specifics like email and phone contacts, social media links, store addresses, website URLs, and suitable business details or offers. More importantly, your WhatsApp Business profile gives you the opportunity to inject your brand personality with every customer interaction. And because WhatsApp verifies all business accounts, your customers are assured it’s not an imposter on the other end when they opt-in to connect with you.

Because Business profiles are mandatory, your WhatsApp branded business identity serves as the familiar face that greets users when you message them, increasing their trust in you and their loyalty to your business. And because WhatsApp enables multimedia communications—think photos, documents, videos, slideshares, and more—brands have the freedom to be creative with their conversations.

WhatsApp Business Profile - Find Me Social & Lettering

WhatsApp Business Profile – Find Me Social & Lettering


2. Connecting with customers you already have

Talk about easy communication. Sending marketing promo’s, flash sales, news, events etc. Also it allows you to respond effectively and efficiently. I mean when was the last time your office or home phone rang? Known as omnichannel solutions. Omnichannel solutions allow customers to buy when, where, and how they want whether they prefer to purchase in-store, online, or using their mobile device. Not only can your customers shop more easily, but fewer purchase barriers mean they’re likely to buy more.

3. Engaging globally.

If you want to reach more than just your local audience, then yes you need to WhatsApp Business to help you engage with your audience on a global scale but also businesses around the world are already actively using WhatsApp to chat with customers. Ads that click to WhatsApp will make it even easier to start conversations.

Ads that click to WhatsApp on Facebook include a button to open a WhatsApp conversation. When a person clicks on the call-to-action button, a WhatsApp message thread with the business will open with a prepopulated, customisable message that invites them to initiate a conversation.

Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.


4. Continuing the conversation

On WhatsApp, chat is a two-way street: businesses and customers can interact directly. Since the pandemic there is a huge drive towards selling online. Stores are taking their products online and gearing up their virtual shops to meet these demands. So here is your chance to continue to engage with you new buyers or potential buyers.

5. security – am I at risk? Yes/No – Messaging privately and securely.

Adhering to ongoing in-country regulations and compliance issues is a constant struggle. One of the most significant benefits of WhatsApp is its end-to-end encryption and strict attention to protecting subscriber privacy. The appeal to WhatsApp users is obvious: customers want a familiar but secure way to connect with businesses they’re looking to engage with. And as the need for businesses to remain compliant and secure is a constant balancing act, WhatsApp safeguards companies, as well. Also with two-factor authentication (2FA) baked right into the app, you can rest assure that the users you’re messaging with are, indeed, who they say they are.

For more information check out Facebooks website – here

Engaging with you users immediatly

Engaging with you users immediatly

Customize your response to selected audience

Customize your response to selected audience

Let me know if you will be joining the WhastApp Business solution?

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