Your business needs (maybe) to embrace AI


A.I. and ChatGPT are the HOT topics of conversation. You won’t be surprised if you’ve been keeping up with the news. It’s now possible for A.I. to create award-winning artwork, sing like Miley Cyrus (cue Flowers), and produce surreal videos and captions. And it can carry on a chat so lifelike you might think the other person is there.

But the truth is, robots aren’t here to take over the world. They’re here to make life easier.

That’s why I think we’ll see A.I. progress in 2023, making the previous year appear like a middle school science fair project (although one without the fun baking soda volcanoes). It can be a tool to create meaningful connections and learning experiences for businesses—and may help foster more equitable outcomes.

A.I. will create new and devastating work opportunities, It’s early on, but YOU must catch on. Believe the hype about A.I. being unnecessary for your company at your own peril. Some 95% of the population is entirely oblivious to the existence of AI and its potential benefits. If you keep reading, you’ll learn the secret used by the other 95%.

I tested it out, and these are the results.

The question I posed to ChatGPT

The Answer by ChatGPT

What is A.I doing to our industry?

I’ve have felt that A.I. will take my job. Over the next few years are that 60–80% of artists will lose their jobs in the next 2–5 years if nothing else changes and the ethical problems with A.I. art are solved. Mid-career and younger artists will be affected the most, while high-end jobs and productions will not change much.

That doesn’t mean that there won’t be new jobs. To make up for the 60–80% of jobs that will be lost, maybe 15–30% of new roles will be created, but each person would have to be a good artist, prompter, and editor at the same time. A.I. filters have already cut the need for some photography services for many people in small ways. I’ve seen people ask for a photographer but capture it themselves. People say they don’t need to hire photographers anymore because phone apps and filters are so good.

Scary thought – What will happen to the art that people like myself make?

I think art made by people will live on, but on a smaller scale. It will probably become a niche in a world of mass production, like handmade goods are now. But we’ll need to have the proper infrastructure, systems, protection, and support in place. And art platforms are a great place to help out in this way.

I think there will be a big change in the business world. Catalogues, interiors, buildings, products, and even fashion will be made with real diverse models. What’s left are business photos with a real person in them. As a wedding photographer, I don’t think it makes that much of a difference. You might be able to stay alive if you already focused on human connections, celebrating life, and love in a very personal way. I don’t think “normal” people want their wedding pictures or family pictures to be made by A.I. (eyes roll)

What Does AI Content Creation Mean for Your Social Strategy?

When it comes to your social strategy, AI can help you be more productive in the initial stage of creating content, and also frees up your time to focus on other tasks.

You can take AI and allow it to become the smartest person in your company—or the most profitable company.


Use AI products that can:

  • Predict the ROI of ad campaigns

  • Personalize ads for different users

  • Discover, adapt, and automate ideal social media posting times


Newsletters are A LOT of work.

Luckily, you can automate every step of a newsletter with AI that:

  • Scans your website for top-performing content

  • Adds relevant articles

  • Adjusts every issue as it learns about your customers


Fast, sloppy texts are par for the course in a growing business.

Use it to respond to simple questions like “Are you open?” or “What time do you close”.


Let’s be honest: negative comments on your Google Page are never fun, even those spam ones too. But you don’t want to burn any bridges—no matter how annoying they might be. Let a robot mediate, so you don’t say something you regret.

Use ChatGPT to draft responses to mean reviews, emails to angry clients, or even scripts for an awkward phone call you might need to have with a cranky customer.

One thing I know for sure, AI won’t be taking away my hand lettering/calligraphy as it is a personal approach!

Will you be using AI in your business and if so which AI programmes are you considering?


As someone who is part of this industry, it’s insulting that so many creative and artistic people will lose their jobs, so a company doesn’t have to hire talent. How do companies expect people to pay for their products if nobody makes or does things for a living because a computer programme does it instead? It doesn’t make sense.


A.I. is a tool that will help us accelerate our work processes. However, it is key to know what to ask and what information to give to the A.I. to get the best possible outcome.
— Michael Janda
with love,
Vanisha Singh