Your Engaged…. Now What??


Congratulations, you’ve done it! You’re engaged!

Now what… The venue, photographer, baker well, and stationery too. I’m sure you’re already contemplating who you want your bridesmaids to be. Do you need a planner or nah you got enough time to handle pulling together all of the details?

You’re thinking about your budget? How much do you need set aside for everything? Well start with your big item such as venue but remember in order to have a wedding your guests need to be notified that you are getting married you need to make sure that you are sending them a wedding invitation in the mail or digitally and providing them a way to RSVP as well.

So, what kind of budget do you need?

If you are planning on hiring a stationery designer or calligrapher to create your custom invitations, you should allocate approximately 6-8% of your wedding budget to this category. This will include a Save the Dave with envelopes (postage may be included), and an entire invitation suite with envelopes. Why not add a little flair and have me (Find Me Lettering) envelope address your envelopes since I’m a calligrapher!

Now, remember this may not include the wax seals, envelope liners, ribbon and/or box package. So, it is important for couples to think about their expectations realistically. Just know that signage and stationery calligraphers like myself ensure you are provided with great customer service and original layouts.

Part of acquiring a custom design there is a charge for the design fee.

How do I get started Vanisha?

Let us start with Save the Dates. Save the Dates are sent approximately six to eight months before your wedding. My couples do begin a year in advance to allow their guests the opportunity to save towards travel and/or accommodation. Start planning. Planning ahead accordingly will ensure unnecessary stress that can acquire.

Stay tuned for more on this next week!

I look forward to speaking to you and discussing the options you have available to suit your budget no doubt but to ensure I can make your stationery will be kept for years to come.



Find Me Lettering Wax Seals

with love,
Vanisha Singh

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