Thriving As A Multi-Passionate Creative


The prevalent (and frequently insulting) expression “Jack of all trades, master of none…” may seem familiar. However, the full proverb reads: “…although often better than a master of one.”

If you find your way to this thread, you may be a creative with many interests.

The term “multi-passionate creatives” refers to those with a wide range of interests and skills in the arts. Artists are naturally curious people who enjoy expanding their knowledge and expertise via lifelong study and practice.

If this describes you, I have dreamed of being creative, self-employed, and financially independent (trying) for the past four years. I’ve mapped out a path for my professional life that will allow me to be financially free while also satisfying my (infinitely varied) creative needs. We are the ones who are asked for guidance on how to design a gallery wall or how to hem a pair of trousers. Still, we were the ones who were encouraged to choose a “solid” career path and told to stop starting so many projects that we never get around to finishing for the simple reason that we all have a broad base of creative knowledge.

I was moved to put pen to paper today because I know others like me are trying to figure out how to build a career around their many interests and ideas. While taking the plunge into entrepreneurship can be an exhilarating and energizing experience, it can also feel daunting if you have a lot of creative hobbies and abilities to choose from.

I heard this on a podcast and I constantly tell myself this as a multi-passionate person: Just because you like doing something and you’re good at it, doesn’t mean you need to go run and start a business centered around that.

Allow your hobbies to be just that – hobbies. I love reading, experiencing wellness practices, yoga, hiking, eating good food and watching a good movie, but those don’t always fit into my personal brand, so I don’t allow them to take up too much in business mind space. I just sprinkle them in now and then when it makes sense.

As a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, I provide

Calligraphy Services

As a self-taught calligrapher, I help individuals celebrate their big day or special event and businesses who are looking to improve their brand, or interior of their business or provide a client appreciation gift with personalization. I hand calligraphy anything you need, from hand engraving, bottle painting to a welcome sign to a seating chart, name tags, and glassware on most material types. My calligraphy has expanded my scope of services to provide on-site branded events, think of customer engraved names on a candle.

Branding Services

I aim to collaborate with like-minded professionals and companies whose leaders share my enthusiasm for their products and services. Collaborating with artists and craftspeople who provide services is a joy for me. I put the same amount of imaginative energy into branding as I do into painting a mural. I’d love to make some artwork for you that represents your business and who you are as an individual. Let me work my magic on your room! But in the meantime, take a look at my Branding Packages!

Mural Services

I create art that represents your brand and its true core. We create with intention and strategic design that tells your unique story. Murals are a fantastic way to make your brand stand out, attract new clients and celebrate your community, and I celebrate them. Take your logo or elements of your business and paint it on the wall.

  1. It all starts with an initial phone call to learn more about you, your area, your ideal mural, and your budget.

  2. Then I give you a proposal with a few different design choices that vary in cost, time, and amount of detail. After a round of changes, the final idea is turned in and times are set.

  3. It’s painting time. We bring colour and design to life as a one-of-a-kind painting that everyone will remember!

On-site Brand Activation

The excitement …. the vibe…..THE EXPERIENCE ✨ is all I can say. The irony of preparing gifts and handwritten cards for my clients is that no one in my personal friends and family group gets anything like this from me. As I prepare for the fall, my books are open for live engraving for weddings, birthdays, conferences, brand activation, and corporate and private events! If you have an event and need an impressive and memorable touch, click here.

Brand Activation refers to creating strong and long-lasting connections between consumers and brands. Most activations are interactive and designed strategically to increase engagement with consumers and reach a wide audience. A brand activation is an event which seeks to motivate customer inactions and elevate their experience. As a result, brand awareness is generated, long-lasting relationships are built with the target audience, and customer loyalty flourishes.

How do I fit in?
I offer live event services, such as calligraphy, engraving and artistry in store and on location. Clients are in are of watching something magical be created – even more so when it is entirely catered to them.

Seasonal Physical Products

During the year, I receive various requests to utilize my calligraphy or branding expertise to create seasonal physical products that are always on trend. From, Bottles of Wine, Birthday Cards, Boho Hats, Chartucerie Boards, Stickers, Baptism and others (well, anything you can engrave on). We also paint pumpkins and welcome home signs and mats.

How do I get my item engraved or painted?

Option 1: You are welcome to order your gift straight to me. Once we agree on the design, I will complete the engraving and return the gift to you. I ALWAYS endeavour to keep the original packaging from the gift so that whoever receives it is truly surprised. Yow would be responsible for paying for the return or collecting the item.

Option 2: I am happy to order the item for you. This will incur a small administrative charge. The above process then takes place.

Option 3: If you are local enough to me, you are more than welcome to deliver and collect the item once complete.


In my opinion, having a blog is one of the best ways to express your creativity while also reaping several benefits. You have complete control over the platform and can publish material whenever you choose on whatever subjects, in whatever formats, and for however much or little you want to spend.

This space has allowed my thoughts on topics that are important for my audience to be aware of or think about in their future strategies. It is also a place in the digital space where I can off-load my thoughts or share an experience. I have had the privilege also of working alongside my clients in their businesses and experiencing what it is like for those who may be curious.

As a person with many interests, you should be aware of the many things competing for your time and energy at any moment. Wellness is essential to me, especially mental health and giving my mind, body and soul enough time to recoup.

When you have a plan and know what to focus on, bringing your ideas to life may be exciting and expansive rather than overwhelming.

But if you make commitments that conflict with your priorities, you’ll be back where you started.

with love,
Vanisha Singh